Creative Type:
The Visual Artist & Brand Identity Developer

Creative Frame:
"The H.E.R."

Hey, Creatives! I love frames and I’ve had to wear them for most of my life, they’re a necessity for me to work and sometimes to do regular life tasks. Within the last 2 years, I’ve been intentionally looking for ways we as creatives can not only do what we do well but express ourselves the way we want while we’re doing it. We wanted to emphasize the collective and individualistic visionaries that exist! You have the fashionista, the writer, the director, the graphic artist, the business visionary and so much more!

No matter what kind of creative you are, you’ll find the frame that best represents you! It’s time to do what you do in style.

Stay Focused Creative!




Creative Type:
The Writer & Purpose Encourager

Creative Frame:
"The Nia"


Creatives, you inspire me! In my journey, my frames and I go way back to middle school, it was something I dreaded having but knew I needed. It wasn’t until I got to college that I found out I could create my own style with them. They were these cat-eye purple pair and I loved them! Now I get to help you discover your own style and express it!  The 436 CreativEye is truly for the creative, no matter who you are, you are a creative who has style. For us, creativity, vision, and style go hand in hand! And it’s not just limited to one generation or age bracket, but creativity, vision, and style are multigenerational, and it’s expressed in many different ways. We’re just here to add some style to your vision!

After all, how effective is creativity when there is no focus?

It’s time to choose your CreativEye!