These are for the Creative who has more than one talent and is still okay at being as subtle about it as they want! These creative frames are unisex and available in brown, blue, tortoiseshell and black! They also have a beautiful gradient so it is pretty much two colors blending together. ⁠

Our Blue Light lenses come with these frames and they are perfect to help you reduce your eye strain, especially if you are in front of the computer all the time. ⁠



Quiona J. is a 16-year graphic veteran, visual artist, and brand identity developer who has 5 brands and businesses’ in counting. Her empire will shift the world of creatives forever! She’s the type of creative satisfied with being outside of the crowd and completely content with her difference. She’s the one you’ll see creating and building in the opposite direction of everyone else. This creative doesn’t just build for herself, she knows her purpose. Change the world? She’s already started. Watch her!

The Q

  • No returns, exchanges or refunds unless frames are delivered broken. We are also not responsible for eyewear once they leave us or given to third-party vendor for lens replacement.